Shikadai joined everyone in cheering. Main articles: Boruto: Naruto the Movie and Versus Momoshiki Arc. Some time later, after Urashiki was finally defeated, Sumire's transfer from her genin team to the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team came through. Unable to change Ryōgi's mindset, the thief flees. A few days later following the successful rescue of Naruto, Shikadai and Boruto made full amends with each other, voicing their goals to become greater shinobi than their respective parents but do it following their own path. Ultimately, the trio was forced to retreat. After freeing and reconciling, Naruto captured Gekkō that had escaped during the ordeal, followed by Ryōgi being imprisoned. In the anime, Shikadai took part in a class field trip to Kirigakure. [10] However, for more advance techniques, he requires his mother's fan, which he is still limited at and tires him quickly. They have kept a book with medicine preparations and effects for generations which imply they are skilled in the area of medicine. He used his tech to easily repel Shikadai's technique and subsequently knocked him out with a drug. Die Beiden versuchen Boruto zu überreden, doch an den Prüfungen teilzunehmen - da Inojin und Shikadai nun keinen dritten Spielpartner mehr haben, verlassen sie das Restaurant. Những câu chuyện ngắn xoay quanh gia đình Nara và họ hàng của họ. Follow. Shikamaru ist der faulste, aber auch intelligenteste Schüler seines Jahrgangs. Shikadai bears a strong resemblance to his father and paternal grandfather. lebend The mission became even more difficult when they were attacked by bandits and stole Tonsuke while Shikadai was injured. While observing the structure of the protest, Shikadai noticed it was similar to the strategy Ryōgi used in shōgi, leading to his team abandoning their position and heading to the Ninjutsu Research Centre, as he thought the protest was a distraction while the gang robbed the the centre. Once Shikadai and the others were reunited with Boruto they met with the White Snake Sage, surprised to see that she was a small and frail-looking reptilian woman. Later, Shikadai and his friends watched Boruto open his Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls, and laughed when he got angry at opening a Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki card. As Kawaki began to warm up to Boruto and his family, Shikadai eventually met the boy. Dazu scheint er etwas lebhafter als sein Vater zu sein, da er Boruto, als dieser von Shikamaru getadelt wird, auslacht. Later, after Boruto and his team's victory over Deepa, Shikadai and his friends found Denki setting up an experiment to improve radio communications. Shikadai kämpft in der Endrunde der Chunin-Auswahlprüfung gegen Boruto. For generations, members of these three families have formed "Ino–Shika–Chō" trios, named after the first part of the names of the members with the Nara members being the "Shika" in the trio. The next day, Shino had the trouble makers of his class partake in an extracurricular class, leading to him having Shikadai, Mitsuki and Boruto meet him outside a forest in the village. While ready to take them back, Shikadai noticed the snake. Instead he made deal; Garaga would enter a summoning contract with him to see Mitsuki himself and if Mitsuki did betray Boruto, the snake could eat Boruto. He finds participating in activities to be very tiresome and is quick to shirk out of them as seen when he rejected an invitation from Inojin to train after school. Upon arriving, they learned that Shino was possessed, forcing the students to flee from his assault of them. His skill with the technique allows him to greatly expand its range to capture multiple targets simultaneously before they can react. During his studies, Shikadai learned about the Byakuya Gang who stole a collection of jewels from Konoha Bank. Denki however remained determined to improve the technology. [3] He is also proficient in Wind Release, able to use his mother's signature Sickle Weasel Technique. [2] As a member of Team 10 with his team-mates Chōchō Akimichi and Inojin Yamanaka, he forms the seventeenth generation of the Ino–Shika–Chō trio. Afterwards, Sumire returned to class, leading to all the students welcoming her back. While talking with Denki, who also knew the burden of living up to family reputations, insisted that he still planned to do so but in his own way. Sai and other Konoha-nin the appeared after alerted by Inojin. He has black-coloured, spiky hair, tied up in a ponytail, and teal-coloured eyes. Once freed from his restraints, he made his move and escaped. He also wears brown pants, a pair of his clan's traditional silver hoop earrings, and wears his blue forehead protector around his left arm. There, the Fourth Tsuchikage explained to Shikadai how five years, her grandfather's loss of citizens, including his young grandson Kozuchi, left Ōnoki disillusioned at the world and desperate to protect his people. that night at the village gate, one of the guards saw Shimada laying unconscious at the floor, he took her at the hospital and her family came to see her shortly. However, this turned out to be division by the alien, who placed a genjutsu on them to let him sneak into the village. Still unclear why Mitsuki joined the attackers but knowing where he went headed off to the Land of Earth. Shikadai is the only child of Shikamaru and Temari Nara. Stemming from his lax nature, he also isn't one to properly respect rank, greeting his uncle — the Kazekage — plainly before flatly asking for his other uncle Kankurō. Shikadai freeing Ryōgi from being controlled. Boruto refused to give up, begging the sage to reconsider. However, they soon overate, leaving them physically sick and unable to continue. Meister: Shinobi[5] When he was caught out, Temari punished him. Boruto and the group accepted. The trio soon after caught up to their friends, where they learned of Mitsuki's betrayal upon attacking Boruto and leaving with the enemies. Name: Shikadai Nara Rasse: Mensch. The following day, much to Enchū's dismay, Shikadai turned down the offer, instead deciding he would prove the Nara Clan's worth of uniting with the Kazekage's family by mastering both Nara Hiden and Wind Release techniques. Upon hearing that he and the rest of the class will be going through graduation exams in a week, Shikadai found little interest in the idea. Afterwards, as a possessed repairman went on a rampage at the Academy, Shikadai and other classmates decided to handle the matter, leading to the group freeing him of being manipulated. Shikamaru Nara (奈良 シカマル, Nara Shikamaru) is a fictional character in the manga and anime franchise, Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.In the anime and manga, Shikamaru is a ninja affiliated with the village of Konohagakure. Shikadai nervously eating his meal with his mother angrily behind him. As a child, Shikamaru Nara used to constantly complain that everything was a drag, but as the series progressed fans watched him slowly mature. Recent Top. By using the Shadow Imitation Technique to connect his own shadow with his target's, he can force them to mimic his own movements or restrict their movements entirely. Shikadai Nara As Aoda made his peaceful intentions known the group explained their goal of acquiring Garaga's Reverse Scale on the request of the White Snake Sage to get her help in finding Mitsuki. Continuing talking with Boruto, they encountered a Byakuya Gang thief that was being chased by Temari. Before going, he found Boruto arduously training to improve his Rasengan after his crushing defeat against Deepa, wishing him good luck. Fo… He also gave up against Boruto, who he did not know was cheating at the time, in their Chūnin Exam fight because he felt that as a gamer, one should understand when to give up to fight another day when the odds are overwhelmingly against you. Kurotsuchi rejected his proposal for the Akuta researched on the grounds that they were both unstable and could case a shift in power that balanced the union between the Five Great Nations. Among the medicine described in this book are the secret pills used by the Akimichi clan. During the climax of the competition, Boruto managed to summon Nue, which launched Chōchō off the Academy's roof, leading to Shikadai and Boruto rescuing her. Ultimately, proving his resolve, Boruto passed the other tests. Shikadai using Wind Release: Air Current Wild Dance. Wanting to prove his worth for his clan, Shikadai began using his clan's hiden techniques exclusively on missions, which caused his team to mess up in various missions. Shino then has his class pick a place to spend their workplace field trip at, leading to the three picking the Konohagakure's Central Post Office. Some time later, it was decided by his father and the Seventh Hokage to promote Shikadai to chūnin on the grounds of both his leadership skills and genuine devotion to his allies. Shikadai bears a strong resemblance to his father and paternal grandfather. In a last blind effort to keep her fame by burying the truth, she attempted to blow up the area. Obwohl er … The next day, the students for set against Academy teachers and Kakashi Hatake during the twenty four hour practical portion of the exams. Nara have a sensory link with their shadows and do not necessarily have to see their target to know that the person has made contact with their shadow. He is quite tall for his age and has light fair skin including two thick eyebrows. Using a diversion, he helped his fellow genin escape. Later, after training with Shikamaru in the anime, he accompanied his father in stopping Boruto from interrupting the Seventh Hokage from his duties, and to his chagrin, was asked by his father to notify Naruto's shadow clone where Boruto was.

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