14. Located between the two intersected lines these angles are on opposite sides of the transversal. consecutive interior angles are supplementary. Similarly, c and f are also alternate interior angles. To help you remember: the angle pairs are on Alternate sides of the Transversal, and they are on the Interior of the two crossed lines.. C and e are consecutive interior angles. Consecutive alternate interior angles. alternate exterior angles. 5 and 15 Alternate exterior 5. Subscribe Here http://goo.gl/2XXaLS For more cool math videos visit our site at http://mathgotserved.com or http://youtube.com/mathsgotserved When the two lines being crossed are Parallel Lines the Alternate Interior Angles are equal. o ∠࠵?, ∠࠵?, ∠࠵? Related posts: There sum of 180 degrees. SURVEY . In the picture draw the following. NERDSTUDY.COM for more lessons!Let's find out about Alternate Angles, Corresponding Angles, Co-interior Angles What is the difference between the exterior and AIA? Tags: Question 6 . Compare and contrast alternate interior angles and alternate exterior angles. Classify each angle pair as alternate interior, alternate exterior, consecutive interior, or consecutive exterior. Alternate Interior Angles Definition. vertical angles - one pair. Angles. When the two lines are parallel any pair of consecutive interior angles add to 180 degrees. When two lines are crossed by another line called the transversal. In the above diagrams, d and e are alternate interior angles. Alternate Exterior Angle pairs (congruent angles):

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